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20 June 2008 @ 02:33 pm
Weekly poll & Spoiler Discussion Post - June 20  
Finally here it is, our inaugural weekly discussion post. Seeing as the last week has been distinctly short on major spoilers, I've had continuing issues with my computer so haven't had time to prepare and the season is getting ever closer it seemed like a good excuse to share our excitement and discuss what we are most looking forward to in the new season.

So lets talk episodes, which episode of the first half of the season has you bouncing in your seat with anticipation? Perhaps you can't wait to see Ronon visit his dark side in Broken Ties or you are dying to see the return of Todd in The Queen. Maybe the fogged sets of Whispers has you intrigued or you're looking forward to the team action and space battles of The Daedalus Variations.

With season five only 3 weeks away, which of the first 10 episodes are you most looking forward to?

Search & Rescue
The Seed
Broken Ties
The Daedalus Variation
Ghost In The Machine
The Shrine
The Queen
First Contact

Which guest stars are you delighted to see returning? Are you looking forward to Daniel Jackson's return to Atlantis? Are you intrigued by the team up of Teyla and Todd in The Queen? Does the thought of Sheppard-McKay friendship scenes in The Shrine make your heart melt? Or are you just excited by the prospect of SFX, wisecracking heroes and plenty of action?

Whatever had got you excited about the new season leave a comment and let us know about it.
wellifnotwisely: morning has brokenwellifnotwisely on June 20th, 2008 03:51 pm (UTC)
Weekly poll and Spoiler Discussion Post \O/

1) Teyla! Teyla! Teyla! Her rescue; Rodney delivering her baby; Teyla as Wraith Queen.

2) The Shrine. Sounds like the ultimate SGA canon is fanfic episode.
McKay develops a condition that slowly robs him of his intellect and memories, making him increasingly childlike.
DH quote: "The entire Atlantis away team, looking like drowned rats, cowering atop a submerged stargate. Okay Joe, Rachel and Jason are crouching, and look more like lithe glistening sea-panthers...but I'm doing my part and representing for the bedraggled geeks with sinus problems..."

3) The Inquisition. More my show's canon is fanfic. Also sounds like TPTB heard all that criticism about SGA ethics.
Several worlds have joined together to create a human coalition against the Wraith, their council contacts Atlantis extending an invite to meet with them and asking for Sheppard by name. They assume they are being invited to join the coalition but in fact Sheppard and the team find themselves on trial for “crimes against the people of the Pegasus Galaxy.

4) Vegas.
CSI: Atlantis ... This episode will centre around Sheppard. A corpse is discovered and John plays detective.

5) The Traveler Katana. Another exotically gorgeous female alien who will appear in the mid-season two-parter as captain of one of the Traveler's ships to remind us that Sheppard is straight! straight! straight!.

All of which is fine and dandy, but what I really want to know is: WHAT DOES EVERYBODY THINK ABOUT THE RODNEY-JENNIFER-RONON "LOVE TRIANGLE"???!!!
David Hewlett discusses Tracker and the burgeoning friendship between Ronon and McKay “[Tracker] will be really fun because that’s going to have some Ronon and McKay stuff, basically addressing what has become a love triangle. ...
Hewlett also touched on the “love triangle” that is developing between McKay, Keller and Ronon speaking of McKay’s inability to have a “normal” relationship - the issue will be touched on in both The Shrine and Tracker.

Although I'm a McKay devotee, I can't bear the idea of Ronon's heart being broken any more. If he wants the girl, then he should be the one to get her. I fear TPTB could handle this very badly - making Rodney look like a schmuck AND Jennifer seem like a slutty bitch AND breaking Ronon's heart. Still, it's possible they could do something good, with Jennifer being torn between profound sexual attraction on the one hand and intellectual compatibility on the other; between fear of falling for an alien warrior versus choosing the safer course of a relationship with someone much more like herself.