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01 July 2008 @ 01:05 pm
Update July 1 2008  
I do realise that there wasn't a discussion post this past week and I will be letting you know what's happening with that in the next day or so.

New information added to the General Spoilers post

Lots of little tidbits from Joe Mallozzi in a TV Guide online article where the showrunner answered fan questions:

Although romance will blossom in season five it will not be between Sheppard and Teyla.

He reiterated that there are no plans to revisit the Ford storyline in season five but did not rule out the possibility of it happening at some point in the future.

He described the new race we'll meet in First Contact/The Lost Tribe as "having the potential to be recurring" and refused to comment on whether they were a race we have encountered before in the Stargate universe.

He revealed that there would be "about two-and-a-half" Earth based episodes in season five.

The Midway station will not be rebuilt "any time soon".

Teyla's baby will not be "evil".

When asked if we'd be seeing more of Rodney's past Joe answered that in late season five we see McKay meeting up with an "old friend and rival" who they are currently casting. He added that if everything goes to plan this episode will offer up some fun cameos. He may be referring to episode 16 Brain Storm.
- Source: TV Guide Online (June 30 2008)

New information added to the Cast & Characters post

Dr Bill Lee will appear in at least one episode of season five.
- Source: Joe Mallozzi's blog (June 20 2008)

Christopher Heyerdahl is now slated to make five appearances as Todd in season five.
- Source: TV Guide Online (June 30 2008)

New information for episode 5x7 Whispers

Joe Mallozzi talked on his blog about the difficulties of filming a gunfight scene but it all proved worth it in the end: "Weeks later, I’m watching the director’s cut and when the sequence comes up. We start on the A side coverage of our heroes locking and loading. Cut to the B side - targets approaching. Back to the A side as our heroes open fire. Back to the B side as approaching targets are hit and go down. Back to the A side as our heroes fire away - reload, continue firing. Punch in for some B side hits of the individual targets getting hit and dropping. Back to the A side and on our heroes as the gunfire dies down. They lower their weapons. B side coverage of the carnage. Fabulous! It’s at times like these I realize we really should be shooting up stunt extras more often."
- Source: Joe Mallozzi's blog (June 19 2008)

"Creepy" shots from Whispers. This seems to be our first look at Michael's experiments.
- Source: Joe Mallozzi's blog (June 25 2008)

New information for episode 5x13 Outsiders

Photo from the set of a Wraith and Beckett.
- Source: Joe Mallozzi's blog (June 23 2008)

New information for episode 5x15 Remnants

The first detailed plot information for Remnants has surfaced online.

Richard Woolsey meets scientist Dr Vanessa Conrad, a new recruit to Atlantis with whom he is immediately smitten meanwhile on the mainland Sheppard awakens to find his hands and feet are bound. Sheppard manages to escape his bonds and with his gun and radio gone cautiously returns to his jumper and is shocked to discover an old enemy. One we all believed to be dead - Acastus Kolya.

Back on Atlantis Woolsey searches in vain for information on his new friend Dr Conrad but can find no evidence of her existence, starting to doubt his own sanity and concerned that there is some kind of alien influence at play he undergoes tests trying to get to the bottom the mystery.

While back on the mainland Sheppard begins to realise that his tormentor is not all that he seems Dr Conrad reappears and apologises to Woolsey. She explains that she is one of many "seed carriers" set out into the galaxy by a civilisation on the verge of distinction. Their vessel lay dormant on the of the ocean only to be awakened by a jumper. The intelligence that has taken Conrad's form did so to study Woolsey and gain information to help her complete her mission.

Follow the links below to the full Gateworld article and the spoilers from chocolate84
- Source: Gateworld (June 30 2008) & chocolate84 (July 1 2008)

New information added to the 100th Episode post

Joe Mallozzi answered fan questions on the TV Guide community and revealed that they are hoping for Amanda Tapping to appear in the 100th episode but, as he has said several times on his blog, it is all dependant on her schedule.

He also answered a question regarding the rumours that the finale will film in Vegas, he neither confirmed no denied the rumour instead saying that: "We’ve yet to break the 100th episode. However, in our initial spinning, we have discussed the possibility of having the best of both worlds — or galaxies, as the case may be."
- Source: TV Guide Online (June 30 2008)
Aqualegia: John+Rodney Sundayaqualegia on July 2nd, 2008 05:35 am (UTC)
Remnants sounds as if it's going to be a very interesting episode :)
sgaspoilerssgaspoilers on July 2nd, 2008 09:19 am (UTC)
Yeah, not too sure how I feel about the "its all in their head" scenario just yet but those spoilers are from a few pages of sides so they probably over simplify everything. Definitely an intriguing one.