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SGA Spoilers

because impatience is a virtue...

The Stargate Atlantis Spoiler Community
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Stargate Atlantis Spoilers


Do you find it difficult to keep up with the spoilers for the new season of Stargate Atlantis?
Does your head spin trying to weed out the rumour and speculation from the real spoilers?
Ever wish that someone would do all the hard work for you and bring together all the spoilers in one place?
Do you want somewhere to discuss the spoilers freely with other impatient fans?

If you answered yes to the above then you're in the right place... welcome to The Stargate Atlantis Spoiler Community.

This community was conceived as a place where all the spoilers for SGA could be collected and organised making it easy to keep up to date, while filtering out the unsubstantiated rumour and speculation. The community gathers information from as many verifiable sources as possible, as well as written spoilers you'll find images and video clips, everything to satisfy the needs of a dedicated spoiler addict.

WARNING! Some of the spoilers contained within this community are extremely detailed, if you feel that knowing detailed plot information would lessen your enjoyment of the show then this community is not for you.

Please read the FAQ below before entering the community

Q I want spoilers for a specific episode, how do I find them?

A As well as the regular update posts, spoilers are collated together into individual category and episode posts which are linked to in the side bar. Simply click on the name of the  episode you wish to read about.

I’ve seen some new spoilers but the community hasn’t been updated with them yet, why is this?

A We’re running this community in our spare time and although we try to keep it as up to date as possible sometimes real life issues can get in the way.

I have come across a spoiler, can I post it here?

A Posting here is locked which means that only the maintainers of the community are able to start new posts. If you have any spoilers you want us to know about please contact us at the e-mail address below. Don’t be afraid to get in touch, help is always appreciated and you will be given full credit on the site if the spoiler is posted.

Why is posting locked?

A We do the utmost to assure that the spoilers posted here are genuine, by restricting posting we are able to prevent rumours, speculation and false spoilers being posted on the site.

Can I still leave comments?

A Absolutely! In fact we encourage you to leave comments and start discussions. Comments are enabled on all posts so leave them where ever you feel is the most suitable location. We also have a weekly discussion post and poll so please feel free to join in.

I don’t have a Livejournal account, how can I join in the discussions?

A You do not have to be a LJ member in order to leave a comment here, all we ask is that you leave a name when you post.

Will comments be screened?

A Only anonymous comments will be screened.

Why was my comment deleted?

A Comments will only be deleted under extreme circumstances. This community is intended to be a friendly and welcoming environment for all fans of Stargate Atlantis if your post is not consistent with that then it will be removed. Bashing, flaming and trolling are all unacceptable behaviour that may lead to a comment being deleted.

What do you mean by bashing, trolling and flaming?

A Bashing is a difficult term to define, there is a fine line between criticising someone and bashing. The easiest way to avoid crossing that line is to think about the wording of your post. Explain why you don’t like something, try not to be too aggressive in your tone and never get personal about any of the actors/writers/producers involved in the show. Criticising an actor’s performance is acceptable, resorting to personal insults is not.

A troll is someone who posts on the internet with the sole purpose of causing trouble, they often post inflammatory comments that are deliberately designed to cause upset and outrage, if you see a post you consider to be trolling then the best thing to do is ignore it. One of the most important rules of the internet is “don’t feed the trolls”.

Flaming is similar to trolling but often comes about when there is some kind of disagreement between posters. Flamers are aggressive, insulting and believe that their opinion is the only one that is valid. As fans we are often very passionate and if we have a favourite character or ship then it is only natural that we would want to defend them but do so politely and treat others and their opinions with respect.

How can I contact the maintainers?

We are always happy to hear from you whether you are passing on a spoiler, have a question about the community or just leaving feedback. So if you want to get in touch send an e-mail to pilgrim@rocketship.com

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