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19 June 2008 @ 10:32 pm
Update June 19 2008  
The discussion thread will now go up tomorrow - assuming my computer doesn't die on me again.

Once again SciFi seems to have made a mess of their promos. On Joe Mallozzi's blog Scifan asked about the line in the promo where they say "a prophet is born" in relation to Teyla's child. Joe seemed rather perplexed by this replying "Are you sure it was Stargate: Atlantis? Doesn’t sound like Stargate: Atlantis." It appears that in later showings of the promo that line has been removed - it does however still contain footage from season 3's The Long Goodbye and season 4's This Mortal Coil featuring Torri Higginson despite her not featuring in season 5.
- Source: Joe Mallozzi's blog (June 18 2008)

New information added to the General Spoilers post
It is as yet undecided as to whether the new race introduced in the mid-season two-parter will return later in the second half of the season.
- Source: Joe Mallozzi's blog (June 15 2008)

New information added to the Cast & Characters post
Mitch Pilleggi will be appearing in Search & Rescue and the mid-season two-parter
- Source: Joe Mallozzi's blog (June 15 2008)

Promotional shots of Robert Picardo in costume as Richard Woolsey. Disappointingly MGM told Gateworld that there would not be any promotional shots of any of the other characters for season five.
- Source: Gateworld (June 15 2008)

Paul McGillon tells the official MGM website that despite being a clone teh Carson Beckett we will see in season five will be very much the same character we've come to know and love. He says "there was some comment in our first episode back, ‘The Seed’. There’s a little awareness at first, but that’s diminished now." He also expresses his delight that the three episodes he has filmed thus far (The Seed, Whispers and Outsiders) all feature Beckett in a heavy way and that they haven't just brought him back for brief appearances.
- Source:The Official MGM site (June 17 2008)

New information for episode 5x3 Broken Ties
A "certain issue" between Sheppard & Teyla will be addressed in Broken Ties.
- Source: Joe Mallozzi's blog (June 14 2008)

New information for episode 5x7 Whispers
Paul McGillon calls Whispers "a great horror episode" going on to say that other than a brief appearances by David Hewlett at the beginning and the end of the episode Joe Flanigan is the only main cast member featured. The majority of the episode plays out between Sheppard, Beckett and the four woman team.
-Source: popculturezoo.com (June 15 2008)

Beckett will get a "bit of a love interest" in Whispers according to Paul McGillon. Presumably he is referring to Doctor Alison Porter who will be played by Nicole de Boer, yet more evidence to suggest that she will survive the episode.
- Source:The Official MGM site (June 17 2008)

New information for episode 5x8 The Queen
"Check out The Queen for an interesting lesson on wraith politics and diplomacy."
- Source: Joe Mallozzi's blog (June 16 2008)

New information for episode 5x10 First Contact & 5x11 The Lost Tribe
Joe Mallozzi watched the prodcuers cut of the mid-season two-parter and had this to say "Great! Can’t say enough good things about the Daniel-Rodney dynamic, loved the heist sequence, and couldn’t help but think that a certain scene is sure to have all those Todd-Woolsey shippers out there falling all over themselves."
- Source: Joe Mallozzi's blog (June 18 2008)

New information for episode 5x13 Outsiders
In an interview with popculturezoo.com Paul McGillon called Outsiders (his third appearance as Carson Beckett in season five) as a "big Beckett and McKay episode" saying it features "a lot of Wraith and a lot of conflict". The interview took part over the phone during a break in filming a scene of Beckett and McKay in a Wraith dart, a scene Paul describes as being "really funny".
-Source: popculturezoo.com (June 15 2008)

New information for episode 5x15 Remnants
Joe Mallozzi defined Remnants as a "suspenseful, character-driven" episode.

Meanwhile work on the script continues "I rewrote the tease of Remnants (adding Dr. Kiang as per Martin’s suggestion and replacing the tree limb after Rob warned me it wouldn’t work) and made some changes to the first act (I addressed Paul’s note by including an early time-cut, lost McKay’s “I said good day, sir.” because Martin didn’t like it, included Zelenka in the control room scene as per everyone’s request, and changed the final beat to avoid repeating a visual from Broken Ties)."
-Source: Joe Mallozzi's blog (June 14 2008)
Celederoguish_angel on June 20th, 2008 10:33 am (UTC)
I'm not sure if this is the done thing but can i ask if you can see that promo online?
sgaspoilerssgaspoilers on June 20th, 2008 12:39 pm (UTC)
If you look at the post below this one you'll find both the latest Scifi promo and the MGM "superfan" commercial. :)
Aqualegia: J+R_Promo s3aaqualegia on June 20th, 2008 12:00 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the round-up.

This sounds interesting :)
The majority of the episode plays out between Sheppard, Beckett and the four woman team.